Must Know !! - Car Insurance for Young Drivers Starting Out - Car Insurance Article

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Must Know !! - Car Insurance for Young Drivers Starting Out - Car Insurance Article

The most expensive car insurance is for young drivers - they have little to no experience on the road, and have the highest probability of being involved in an accident, and all insurance is assessed on the basis of risk.

There are ways to save a little money on car insurance for young drivers, so if you go online for a quote for your teenage son or daughter, be sure to get every possible discount you can. If you have a living breathing insurance agent that you deal with, if he or she is a good agent, they should offer you discounts because they know your circumstances.

The smartest way to buy car insurance for young drivers is by adding your son or daughter to your own insurance policy; don't opt to buy a separate policy for him or her because it will cost considerably more. Of course, your premium will go up, but it will be less than a premium on a separately purchased policy.

As a parent, if you are buying your teenager's first car for them you should look for as many safety features as possible on their car. Your son may want a muscle car, but the insurance will be astronomical and the risk of him getting into an accident enormous. Buy your teenager a safe, sober and economical car first off. Once he gets a job and a few years of driving experience under his belt, he can choose what he wants and then pay his own premium.

Car insurance for young drivers will be greatly reduced if you purchase a newer car with the following features: 

Anti-lock breaks 
Daytime running lights 
Driver  passenger air bags 
Automatic seat belts 
An anti theft device or security system

A newer model car should save you both some money by: 

Being more fuel efficient 
Having lower maintenance costs

The cheapest car insurance for young drivers will be the lowest level of insurance that your state requires, which will probably be liability insurance. If the young driver is involved in an accident, this minimum coverage could leave you thousands of dollars out of pocket. Full coverage is a much wiser choice, it costs more, but it does come with added peace of mind - you know you will worry every time he goes out!

Risk is also assessed on how good a student the young person is. The premiums for car insurance for young drivers will be lower if he gets good grades. If he can maintain a B average, take along his transcript to your agent or ask for a discount if you are applying for insurance online.

Have your child take any of your state's driver's education and safety courses, again, this will reduce the premium.

If your child is going to college, the closer he lives to the college the better, as the amount of miles he will drive will be taken into account - the more miles the higher the premium and some insurance companies will not offer car insurance for young drivers if they drive more than 100 miles to college

Must Know !! - Car Insurance for Young Drivers Starting Out - Car Insurance Article.

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