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Cheap Michigan Car Insurance

Best Car Insurance in Michigan Online

In the event of an accident, you must have a cover so that all financial risks are mitigated. Read on to know more about the coverage plans available in Michigan and you will understand more about the cheapest plan that is available. You can call us up and avail of an obligation free quote. When you avail of a policy from us, you will be saving nearly $500 or more. Using our advanced tools, you can compare the price of insurance online within no time.

Car Insurance Coverage Types

Michigan usually has two types of auto insurance available:

1) Liability Automobile Coverage for Bodily Injury

2) Liability Insurance for Damage to Property

Mandatory Requirements to be followed by vehicle owners in Michigan

For all vehicle owners in Michigan, there is a minimum insurance amount you need to avail of a cover for.

a) $15,000 liabilities cover for 1 person's bodily injury or death.

b) $30,000 liabilities cover for 2 people bodily injuries or death.

c) A minimum of $10,000 towards damage caused to property.

The above-mentioned figures only indicate the bare minimum insurance amount you should have to meet the requirements of Michigan. However, it is best recommended that you consult an expert to have an assessment of your exposure. With the surging healthcare prices and also auto repair costs touching the roof, it is best recommended that you cover yourself for more than the minimum specified amount. So, make sure that you avail insurance that has more coverage than the value of your asset. This will protect you against all financial shortcomings in the long run. Try searching for a free insurance quote online and you will be able to get a policy at a much cheaper price.

Fines in Michigan for illegal vehicle insurance/ not possessing vehicle insurance

If you plan to drive your vehicle in Michigan, you must stick to the liability of insurance minimums. You will have to stick to the law under any circumstances and if you do not stick by it, the state laws can also have your driving license revoked along with a heavy fine imposed and towing away of your vehicle as it does not have any insurance.

If you are driving an uninsured vehicle in Michigan, the basic fine is $500 and as you are fined more, the fine increases with each repeated offense. Also, if you are caught without a cover, you need to obtain a certificate called the SR-22, which indicates that you take complete financial responsibility for at least 3 years. In case your car is towed or impounded, you will have to pay additional charges along with the charge to have your license reissued.

If you do not take insurance, you might save money for a short duration. But, in the long run, the costs spiral and will cost you a fortune. Imagine, in the worst case, you will meet with an accident and all the savings you have will be gone towards the repair of the car and paying for other damages, which you could have easily avoided by having a cheap Michigan car insurance coverage. Once you are having a vehicle in Michigan, make sure that you have at least $50- $60 to spare each month towards your car insurance. If you cannot, we strongly advise that you stay away from your vehicle and make use of public transport.

Procedure to be followed in the case of a Vehicle Accident

When you drive, there is a high chance that you will meet with an accident at least once. Listed below are the steps to be followed in case of an accident:

1) Stay Safe

First, make sure that you are at a safe distance and not in the middle of the traffic. If this is the case, the fast-moving traffic might crash into your car again, causing more damages.

2) Call the cops

Call 911 if you need any medical attention and they will inform the cops as well.

3) Note down briefly and save the information

In case of an accident, all information related to the vehicle and the witnesses present should be noted down.

4) File a claim

Report the accident to your insurance provider and file a claim for your damages.

As soon as you meet with an accident, call up your insurance company immediately and inform them about the accident, so that the processing is sooner. You can also fill the claims form online. You might also want to hire an accident attorney if you have been hurt seriously.
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