Cheapest Car Insurance Near Me - Cheapest Cars to Insure

Cheapest Car Insurance Near Me - Cheapest Cars to Insure

While on the search for the cheapest cars to insure, you must keep in mind certain aspects which affect a car's insurance premium:

- type of vehicle
- value of vehicle
- age of driver
- history of driver

Now, we obviously cannot control the last three points. They are out of our hands. However, we do have an option when it comes to choosing our vehicle, for those of us who are money conscious.

First of all, I will discuss those types of cars which are not ideal. These include sports cars, mainly due to obvious reasons that people who drive sports cars impose a greater risk of an accident, hence the insurance company will pass this risk onto us, the consumer, through a high premium. Some sports cars cost nearly three times as much to insure than an 'ordinary' vehicle.

Also, another thing I have noticed is that a two-door vehicle is dearer compared to a four-door vehicle (brand and model staying constant)! This may be pure because some two-door vehicles (although relatively innocent looking) may have high premiums.

So what kind of vehicles are the most efficient when it comes to insurance companies and their 'mathematical risk formulas'? Well, those cars are seen as posing the lowest risk. This includes small to medium-size cars, with lower power (ie. engine output) or small 'family' sedans.

This is a list I have developed which fits the above criteria:

Toyota Corolla
Ford Focus
Peugeot 106
Renault Clio
Ford Fiesta
VW Beetle
Fiat Punto
VW Polo
Vauxhall Corsa

As you will notice, these models that I see as the cheapest cars to insure are 'normal' vehicles that have a perception of being driven by drivers who do not push the boundaries of safety, or aggression. The engine power of these vehicles will be limited, mostly being 4-cylinder vehicles.

So all the best, compare many insurers, and hope this helps in getting yourself a vehicle that saves you some money!

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