The Myth About Cheap Insurance Companies

Cheap Insurance Companies

The Myth About Cheap Insurance Companies

Everyone is looking for cheap insurance companies because some people claim to have saved several hundred dollars on their insurance for the next year. Some people have indeed been able to do that, but it isn't necessarily the company that makes that possible. It all depends on whether or not the person classifies as a low-risk driver and can qualify for various discounts.

Buy the right car. Don't purchase a flashy sports car if you want low insurance premiums. Agents just see the word sport and your car insurance soars out of sight. If you plan to purchase theft insurance, don't buy one of the top ten most stolen cars in your state, because if you do, you'll pay a whole lot more for insurance.

Purchase an older, four-door family style car. You can save because it's considered to be a low-risk car, but you can save even more by not having to put full coverage insurance on it. Set aside a couple of thousand dollars in a savings account in case you total your car and need to purchase a new one.

Be very careful with your driving record. Every insurance company will look at your driving record before they decide whether or not to give you insurance coverage and before they decide how much to charge you. If you have an accident or a traffic ticket on your driving record, it will make your car insurance go up considerably. Drive cautiously and drive carefully to avoid accidents and traffic tickets.

Keep your credit score high. Most people probably do not realize that insurance companies check their credit report before they give them a quote. It lets them know how apt you are to pay your car insurance, and it shows them whether or not you are responsible. If your credit score is low, the company will consider you to be irresponsible. They assume that if you have been irresponsible in not paying your bills, you will, also, be irresponsible in the way that you drive. That puts you into a high-risk category.

Before you purchase insurance, compare the rates of several companies online by getting online quotes. Find two or three sites that represent various car insurance companies. Fill in the forms and answer the questions with the same information. Click the mouse and sit back and relax. Within a few seconds, you will have your quotes. Choose the cheapest company.

The myth about cheap car insurance is that it is not a matter of finding a cheap company. The responsibility lies on the shoulders of the insured. If you can prove by your driving record that you are a low-risk driver, they will give you cheap insurance. So the real responsibility lies on you.
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